A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made For Ludum Dare 38

Where am I? The station is empty, what is happening ? Something doesn't seem right.

Follow the train carriages to unlock your destiny and uncover the mystery of why you are here

Find the coins to progress through the trains. Walk through the twisted nightmare until the end

and then you must make a choice.


- Mouse to look

- WASD to Move

- LMB to Zoom

- RMB to check watch

- E to Pickup/Interact


PlatformStyx.zip 30 MB
PlatformStyx_Linux.zip 48 MB
PlatformStyx_Mac.zip 46 MB


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I also came across your game and talked about what I thought about it!

This was a cool little game. Opening each door to something different.  It ran very well and the sound added some good atmosphere. A really good job. Well done... :)

Loved the game! Really cool!