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You, the hero of the story, are trying to restore balance to the world by defeating the darkness that aims to consume and corrupt it. But in order to do so, you must restore the 4 shrines which hold your powers to control the day/night cycle.

A 2D puzzle platformer where your power to control the day / night cycle affects the world around you. You represent night and day, balance within the natural word. Mysterious dark forces have drained most of your power. Use what you have left to find the source of the evil and put a stop to it before it corrupts the world you live in.

The Team:

Christian McFarlane - Lead Programmer (Level Editor Tool, Environmental Interaction, Custom Shaders, Game Framework and Serialization)

Jacob Macdonald - Designer (Level Design, Marketing, Additional Sprite Artist, Aesthetic Design)

Jarrah Holt - Lead Designer (Sprite Artist, Animations, Menu / UI)

Joshua Bierach-Glavich - Programmer (Player Controller and Environment Interaction, Physics/Collisions, AI, Game Framework and Serialization, Additional Level Design)


Richard Gaynor from "Syntone", for the beautiful soundtrack ! Great Work!



(Pre-Alpha Gameplay. May not be an accurate representation of the final product)


Ome 1.5.zip 87 MB


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Cool game.
But one thing is annoying:
I'm in the like 7th level (after the boss statue) where you have to climb up , there's 2 balls and 2 moving platforms (1 vertical, 1 horizontal)
When on the horizontal one, jumping works only 5 out of 10 times at most!
Whic is annoying cause you have the cristal ball, press left and jump to get on the vertical platform, but jumping fails so you just walk off the edge.

And thanks to the ball you are wearing, you can't even get up anymore, so the only choice is to fall all the way down , die in the spikes and try again!

After like 10 attempts which in 8-9 cases failed cause jumping didn't work, I give up for now.